Make Your Brewery a Success

We read most weeks about a new micro brewery popping up somewhere in the UK and Ireland, which is great news for the Real Ale drinker. It’s also good news for suppliers selling into this buoyant industry, but is just setting up a brewery enough? What else is needed to make a success of your business? Just brewing good beer might not be enough. With the amount of new breweries springing up around the country, you have to think outside the box, and being a penny or two cheaper than your nearest rival just won’t cut it these days.

Take Vocation Brewery for instance, located in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. They brewed their first beer in April 2015 from a very impressive 20 barrel brewhouse. Vocation Brewery specialise in modern beers with a distinctive flavour, which taste superb, and already they have been ranked by beer drinkers as amongst the top 10 brewers in the country.

John Hickling, Head Honcho at the Brewery says, “Vocation is a fiercely independent brewery, hell-bent on producing punchy and distinctive beers. This relentless persistence makes our beers bold, brave and exhilarating.”

And it’s this vision thats set this brewery apart from some of the others. Vocation offer a great range of beers, pale ales and IPA, in kegs, casks, bottles and cans. Don’t just take our work for it though, see for yourselves, or should we say taste for yourselves. Visit them at

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