THE EMMERALD GREENCASK bringing sexy back.

What’s sexy about a vessel that carries liquid from A to B you may ask? You haven’t seen the Emmerald Greencask.

If you pose that question to Emmerald the reply would swiftly be ‘THE EMMERALD GREENCASK ’. “Brewing great beer is the most important thing any brewer can do.” Director, manufacturer and passionate Cask and Keg man, Greg Whitehorne explains. “We are experiencing a revolution in the brewing industry. Once the industry was limited to core home brewing fanatics, sparse, microbreweries tucked away and in the main dominated by huge breweries, serving the loyal tap room with what could only be described as an uninspired, mass produced amber liquid. Brewing is now a competitive art form. A scientifically developed product and a truly creative industry in every sense of the word. It is very much the great versus great.

From the very start when creating and designing our Cask, we appreciated and were mindful of the importance, time and effort breweries put into their product. We understood they also put the same effort into the brands they are building. We wanted to make sure for every one of our customers our product, the Emmerald Greencask, was able to align to a breweries brand identity and values. Ultimately becoming part of their brand family the moment it leaves our depot.

Like todays modern brewer we respect the tradition and history behind what we produce. This industry has seen a transformation. There is an unwavering pursuit of excellence. a dedication to constant experimentation and discovery.

A rebellious ‘why not’ has seen the brewery industry thrive under an energy of entrepreneurship never seen before. It therefore has to be our goal to produce the very highest quality range of products and continue to introduce the ‘next generation’ of products to suit the needs of the industry and be a part of a valuable customers experience. We made the quality of the beer our top priority when we developed the Emmerald Greencask. Consumers expect the perfect pint every time and the Emmerald Greencask ensures they get it.”

Focused On Quality

Emmerald Greencask with Head Brewer Paul Woodcock

Emmerald Greencasks are manufactured to some of the most rigorous quality standards, in HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene) to fully food approved standards. Once seen as an alien amongst traditional Casks, we have to remember there was a time the change from wood to steel was also once laughed at!! Their ever increasing visibility of this humble newcomer at our beer festivals, exhibitions and in the cellars of pubs and breweries shows this once maligned interloper is gaining favour for a damn good reason.

“At Emmerald we have worked to address many of the issues discussed and debated over the years about polymer casks. We will always show the Industry how serious we are on our quality and manufacturing standards.” Greg goes on to say. “We elected to join the Keg and Cask Committee, run and chaired by some of the industries biggest brands. The committee is there to set industry standards for the safe manufacture of Kegs and Casks. Emmerald are the only plastic Keg and Cask manufacturing Company to sit on the board.”

“We’ve been using the Emmerald GreenCask for over 5 years.” says brewery boss Dick Simpson, Nene Valley Brewery. “Over that time we have seen the product get better and better. The service we get has kept pace with our growth, which has been over 500% in that time. They are cheaper, handle and stack well, keep their shape and very easy to clean. Our customers like them too so we’ve never seen a reason to stop using them”

The Cask That Keeps Giving

The ISO 9001 certified precision construction of the product ensures many years of reliable service from the cask. And the boast of their unique manufacturing process ensures their cask will exceed the industries required warranty period of 7 years. Drop-tested full at 2m and 4m the cask performed perfectly every time with no loss of pressure, no damage or leakage. One significant difference is the lower weight. At almost 50% lighter than stainless steel the Greencask is certainly much easier to handle and reduces costs over a year for those with a mind on their carbon footprint and transportation costs. Unlike steel you won’t get too many complaints about the noise either, being a lot quieter than its steel sister too.
Emmerald Casks with their state of the art laser branding technology and choice of colours to match your brand will not disappoint either. Even more good news is they aren’t attractive to thieves so they’ll be with you along time. The HDPE used in their construction means when they do meet their end of brewery life they are also fully recyclable.

“Our brewery clients have invested a lot of time money and effort in their product and brand. They want to focus on facilitating fast growth, developing new products and product lines to expand on their original brand vision. At Emmerald we have to, and are doing the same.  Our products are specifically designed to meet the needs of the new and next generation of brewers both here in the UK, Ireland, Europe and across the Atlantic. As the market grows and evolves we will be ready to meet the needs of our brewers. With new products coming online over the next 12 months, we are confident that more and more brewers will be choosing to buy our Casks and kegs over the increasing cost of steel. We are proud to be leading the next revolution with this economical high quality product.  With all the additional benefits it brings to breweries and their customers buying Emmerald is not only an attractive benefit to them, it will be, and is a valuable addition to their brand.”

For product information and sales contact: Greg Whitehorne. M: +44 (0)7970 202071 E: