The quality of the beer was our top priority when we developed the Emmerald Green Cask. Your consumers expect the perfect pint every time and the GreenCask will ensure they get it! They are manufactured to the most rigorous quality standards. The casks are manufactured in HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene) to fully food approved standards. Our ISO 9001 certified precision construction ensures many years of reliable service. You’ll be proud to put your branding on the GreenCask and your customers will love the ease of handling and light weight.


Our high quality manufacturing process ensures that subject to proper use, the GreenCask will exceed the industry life expectancy of 7 years. The GreenCask is drop-tested full at 2m and 4m and has performed perfectly every time with no loss of pressure, no damage to the cask or any leakage.


At a significantly lower weight that traditional stainless steel beer cask, the Emmerald GreenCask is much easier to handle and reduces transport costs. At up to 50% lighter than stainless steel, a fully loaded dray will return significant improvements in fuel consumption and overall vehicle wear & tear. Unlike stainless steel casks, the GreenCask is very quiet during unloading and delivery. Noise pollution is a major issue for the brewing industry; GreenCasks address and overcome this issue.

A standard load of 244 x 9 gallon stainless steel casks weighs in at approx 15,000kg. The same load of GreenCask’s weighs in at under 13,500kg, saving over 1.5 metric tonnes of transport weight. Over a year of deliveries, this will return significant savings on your transport costs. At approximately half the weight of the average 9 gallon stainless steel cask, the GreenCask will show major savings on empty collections where fuel costs as well as load-up time will be dramatically reduced.

Zero Theft Value

Unlike traditional stainless steel casks, Emmerald GreenCask’s are not attractive to thieves. However, the HDPE used in their construction is fully recyclable, helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Globally, over €650 million worth of stainless steel kegs and casks are stolen annually for the raw material. The value of GreenCask’s is to the brewing industry and not the black market. The GreenCask can be specified with a tamper proof FRID track and trace.