At a significantly lower weight that traditional stainless steel beer cask, the Emmerald GreenCask is much easier to handle and reduces transport costs. At up to 50% lighter than stainless steel, a fully loaded dray will return significant improvements in fuel consumption and overall vehicle wear & tear. Unlike stainless steel casks, the GreenCask is very quiet during unloading and delivery. Noise pollution is a major issue for the brewing industry; GreenCask’s address and overcome this issue.

A standard load of 244 x 9 gallon stainless steel casks weighs in at approx 15,000kg. The same load of GreenCasks, weighs in at under 13,500kg, saving over 1.5 metric tonnes of transport weight. Over a year of deliveries, this will return significant savings on your transport costs. At approximately half the weight of the average 9 gallon stainless steel cask, the GreenCask will show major savings on empty collections where fuel costs as well as load-up time will be dramatically reduced.