Cask SpecificationsCask Secifications PRODUCT 9 Gallon Greencask
Product Code 10000000    
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Revision Date 16th January 2015 Authority PA Wallis
Material High density, high molecular weight polyethylene
Fabrication Extrusion blow moulded
Brimful Capacity (L) 41.4 ± 0.1 litres
Bodymass (kg) 5.6 ± 0.1 kg
Minimum Wall Thickness (mm) 5.0 ± 1 mm
Stacking Height[1] 9
Contents up to rd. 1.2
Dimensions (± 2%)(mm)
Overall Height A 504 mm
Height of Recessed Centre Panel B 122 mm
Overall C 400 mm
Diameter of Footprint D 362 mm
Base to Centre of Shive E 252 mm
Keystone to Centre of Cask F 115 mm
Plastic Shive (knock in) 61.6 x 30.5 mm
Materials (body/gasket) LLDPE/ EVA
Plastic Shive (screw in) 64.64 x 25.5 mm
Materials (body/gasket) PP/thermoplastic rubber
Shive Torque 30 N.m
Plastic Keystone 37.35 x 15.5mm (Rankin No K2)
Rolling Bands
Inject Moulded LDPE
Colour Bands can be individually coloured to meet customer requirements (minimum order size required for non standard colours)
Cask Body
Colour The cask body is produced in a standard colour but can also be coloured to meet customer requirements subject to minimum order sizes. The body also contains UV additives to prevent UV degradation
Food Approvals The cask body and all the components used in conform to current legislation governing plastics intended to come into contact with foodstuffs
Environment The plastics used in the cask can be recovered by mechanical recycling or by incineration with energy recovery
Lifespan The life expectancy of this product should be in excess of 7 years subject to the cask being handled in accordance with our user guidelines
Maximum working pressure 2.5 bar
Cleaning Cask cleaning can be undertaken using the water based cleaning agents normally used with steel for the same temperature/time regimes. Please revert to Emmerald for further information .
Special Requirements

[1] Subject to use of proper load bearing pallets, the casks to be stored upright and the stack being on level ground